Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Blasphemy of Angel worship as portrayed by Hollywood

Where does the glorification of angels lead us?

Giving excessive prominence to angels has become a common thing among the false signs and wonders movement. We saw how Todd Bentley’s obsession with angels had (has!) many deceived.

Now another manifestation of angel “worship” has come to my attention.
I heard about a new film called “Legion”. In this story God has “lost faith” in mankind and determined to destroy them. But the archangel Michael rebels against God and comes to mankind’s aid.

This totally blasphemous perversion places mankind’s salvation in the hands of an angel.
Now which angel would like to have himself portrayed as man’s saviour from an allegedly vindictive and hostile God? Which angel will one day lead a literal army of men in a final (vain) attempt to overcome God’s rule on earth?
Such concepts as that being promoted in this movie show how easily men can be made to accept the possibility of overcoming God with the help of another angel – not Michael as in the movie, but Lucifer, now known as Satan or the devil.


Crystal Mary said...

Good onya!!!!! Well said!!..
People can be so easily swede.
You know what? in the Bible it talks about Babylon the Great has fallen and all the earth will mourn. I believe this to be hollywood.. just my own assumption. Revelation 18.

Crystal Mary said...

And I love the name you write under..
A close a slave, closely connested to Paul..WOW!!

Onesimus said...



A runaway slave who returned to his master.

I also hope to live up to its meaning - "useful".