Friday, October 21, 2005


Have your ears tickled in the comfort of your own home.

Ever been tired of running from conference to conference hoping to hear a word confirming your established beliefs? Are your finances suffering due to costs of travel, accommodation and conference fees in addition to love offerings?

And what about the cost of all of those tapes, CDs and books purchased from the conference bookstore - the ones you buy so the anointing of the conference can be prolonged - or shared with your loved ones.

Forget about all of that.

Now, with little inconvenience, the ear tickling preachers and prophets can be brought directly to you - to the location of your choice.




The choice is entirely yours.

With thousands of expert, ministries available at the touch of a few keys, never again find yourself sitting in the wrong auditorium listening to the wrong preacher (how misleading those advertising brochures can be!).
You can move from preacher to preacher, prophet to prophet at your own pace and according to your own need - the choice is totally yours.

Many of the available ministers even sprinkle their words liberally with scripture - so you don't even need to open up your own dusty bible to see the truth of what they're preaching. They give you their proof right there in their own messages.

Internet ministries bring the prophets you choose directly to you.

Now to get serious. What is this all about?

One person grabs the prosperity "prophets" and runs with them. Another clings to the "prophets" of doom.

No need to listen to anyone else, we choose our favourites who preach what we want to hear. Things that support our world view and suit our own personality. We don't need to be challenged - we can be content to let someone tickle our ears

The "prophetic ministry" -AS THE LORD WARNED - has been perverted by false prophets. People run here and there looking for what the latest and greatest prophet has to say. The internet makes this MUCH easier. No need to "run" - it's all controlled by a few keystrokes. And none of these prophets are accountable to those who latch on to their words, because their words are scattered to the winds and they don't know who is receiving them. (However, the Lord holds them accountable).
Some "prophets" even offer "personal words" on cassette tape - just send a "love offering".

I have some suggestions.

1) Stop chasing after prophets and prophecies.
If you need (NOT want) a word from the Lord - seek the Lord Himself.

2) If the Lord has a word for you HE will deliver it. If via a prophet He will send the prophet to you or bring you into contact with the prophet.

Prophecy is NOT a consumer product to be bought and sold.
Prophecy is not entertainment; to be sought out and shared, one prophecy after another.
Prophecy should be treated with caution until it's source is clear. (God, the devil, or self)

TRUE PROPHECY is the word of the LORD, given for a PURPOSE and it should be treated with respect .