Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choose Your Own Acronym...

2 interesting recordings

Discussion between Calvinist Tim Challies and Bruxy Cavey about the 5 points of Calvinism (TULIP) (45 mins)

Discussion between Bruxy Cavey and Tim Day about TULIP and an proposed “arminian” alternative. (1 hr 3 mins)

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I'm still unable to access the main pages of blogs associated with blogger (blogspot) - so I'm unable to reply to comments, and I'm also unable to visit other "blogspot" blogs.

However I can still moderate comments so anything inappropriate can still be deleted.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why I Believe the Bible

I've posted a recording on my new blog.
I listened to it this morning and thought it was worth sharing

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Syncretism and sin.

Last week I was talking to my brother in law who is one of these laid-back people who thinks all religions are okay and ultimately lead to the creator and all problems are caused by those who insist that one particular "religion" is the truth.

He also has the answer to world peace - that if everyone put down their weapons and hatred as he has done, all war and conflict would end.

Unfortunately for his point of view, there are too many people of different “faiths” who (rightly) recognise that all religions can't be equally valid when there are so many blatant contradictions between them, and some of those people are all too willing to (wrongly) promote their cause with bullets and bombs.

As I once heard - all religions could be wrong - but it’s impossible for all religions to be right.

My brother in law’s attitude demonstrates the very nature of sin.

He may not be a murderer, a thief, a liar, a cheat etc. - but he HAS chosen his own way above God's ways.

Even if man could live a perfectly MORAL life - that life would still be sin-ridden if God was not given His rightful place within it.

New Blog

Because of continuing problems with access to this blog I am trying out something new on wordpress:

I'm not sure how it will go. I'm still trying to work it all out.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Computer problems

I've been having trouble accessing my blogs over the last few days. I can get to the dashboard area but I can't view the main blog pages.

I know very little about computer things so don't know how to resolve the situation. At the moment I'm playing around with a new wordpress blog - trying to find out how it all works and trying to get the kind of "look" I'm happy with.

I'd hate to leave blogger completely. I've found it easy to use and it has suited my blogging needs so far, but I'll have to wait and see how things work out.