Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The True Israel of God: recommended article

There is an insightful and recommended article here:

The True Israel of God

It discusses God’s relationship with Israel as revealed through scripture, compared to God’s relationship with Israel according to man.

Where we stand on this issue depends on who we believe and who we follow: God and His word or man and apostate theology.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dead sea scrolls to be made accessible online

According to the following reports, the Dead Sea scrolls are to be made accessible online.

Yesterday I posted these links on a Christian forum and was amazed at some of the negative comments and how much suspicion was expressed regarding the scrolls.

Some saw them as a Roman Catholic conspiracy. Others saw them as a collection of false gospels.

So many ill informed views.

See also:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Christians and Conspiracy

Recently on a Christian forum I have received a little flak because I questioned some of the “conspiracy theory” claims being made.
Too often some of the world’s wildest conspiracy speculation is swallowed by Christians because it “fits” with their ideas about end time events.

Before we fall for (and even worse) promote unsubstantiated speculation here are some facts that need to be considered:

1) Extreme claims need to be substantiated with much more than rumour and/or baseless “facts”.

2) It is up to the maker of extreme claims to provide EVIDENCE and not merely pass on what they have heard/read..

3) Christians should AVOID promoting wild and baseless speculation. It does nothing for our credibility.

4) The previous three points are saying the same thing: Christians should be FAR MORE diligent than the world with regard to extreme claims because we follow Jesus who IS the truth. The "truth" we promote reflects the Jesus we follow.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

David Pawson Sermon Links (part 2)

I found some more recordings of David Pawson's recent ministry. These are from South Africa, recorded in August-September 2010.

I know nothing about the group providing the recordings so this link is not any kind of endorsement of the site. But I am grateful to them for making Mr Pawson's ministry available.

So far I have listened to "How and Why to Read Your Bible part 1". This gives very good teaching on the need to approach the bible with context in mind. He makes the point that the bible is not a book. It is a LIBRARY of books - each of which needs to be considered according to its genre and according to the reason for it being written. For example, each of the four gospels was written with a specific readership in mind and the epistles were each written to address particular situations within the church.

I also listened to: "Tue 31 08 2010 Session 3", in which Mr Pawson gives a brief testimony and then starts to address the problems with the doctrines of both "Sovereign Grace" and "Free Grace". The latter is apparently addressed in the next session (which at time of posting I have not heard).

More David Pawson mp3 sermons