Monday, December 15, 2008


Forget the hyped up superstar preachers.
Forget the overbearing, authority-claiming “anointed” celebrities.
Even forget the local “pastor”.

Take the time to know God for yourself. Get to know God FIRST through the scriptures, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your teacher.
The MAJORITY of what we have learned about God from others is wrong. They are not bringing us to the God revealed in scripture, but to a God created in man’s imagination.Be HONEST and don’t try to twist, change or ignore those “difficult” verses that portray a God that makes our theology uncomfortable.

The God of the bible is NOT the God of comfortable, westernized Christianity. And He definitely is NOT the God of the superstar celebrity preacher.Unfortunately most of us are too lazy and too disinterested to seek Him for ourselves and we find the entertainment we get from the celebrities preferable to any thought of Holiness.

Friday, December 05, 2008


It seems like many western Christians have the opinion that their nations have been blessed by God, that the comforts and security they have enjoyed are His gifts.
But have we been living blessed lives in our comfortable, prosperous western nations? Or are the “blessings” we’ve had, really the thorns and the stones that prevent the seed of God’s word taking root and thriving?
I think the latter is closer to the truth.