Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent David Pawson Sermons

Some more David Pawson sermons can be found here:

The Uniqueness of Christ

See also:

Israel and the Church

They were recorded at IHOP over the last few days (with some still to come). The links may contain sermons by other preachers who I do not know and therefore cannot recommend.
But I have confidence in David Pawson's teaching.

Posts regarding David Pawson are the most viewed on this blog. Next are some about the Arminianism/Calvinism debate. Those with an interest in the latter may find the two part sermon entitled "Grace: Saving, Sovereign, or Free?" interesting. It can be found through the "Uniqueness of Christ" link.

Thanks to Kevin Jackson for telling me about these.

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Kevin Jackson said...

Cool, I didn't even notice the ones about Israel and the church. More stuff to listen to. :)