Friday, January 15, 2010

David Pawson sermon links

David Pawson’s ministry has helped me in many ways. In particular his insistence that people should search the scriptures for themselves.
He has preached in some very unlikely places without compromising his message. At times his audience has been less than receptive and at times he has experienced violent vocal objection from his hearers.

Here are a few links that currently give free access to some of his teaching.
(scroll down a little way until you find the heading: “***FREE BIBLE TEACHING BY REV DAVID PAWSON***
(scroll to last two sermons on the list)



Daniel (Da Pilgrim) said...

Thanks for the links bro

justme said...

I believe that biggest problem that people have with Augustine (aside from the fact that he correctly identifies a belief in predestination as being a relevant part of scripture) is that he once followed a religion called Manichaeanism. But he DID convert to Christianity and did become a strong voice for the role that Jesus Christ has in the lives of every person on Earth. Augustine was a relevant figure in the early church and he remains relevant to this day as many Christians return to our early church roots with a belief in all of the scriptures, not just the parts of scripture we like.

Onesimus said...

In addtion to sowing the seeds of the Calvinist heresy, Augustine was responsible for promoting even more blatantly false doctrines that have continued to infect the church ever since.

see here


justme said...

Onesimus, your recent response is exactly the kind of mnidless drivel that infects the minds of many Christians. If you will study Augustine, you will find that his beliefs were based on scripture. This requires a person to actually read and study both the Holy Scriptures and Augustine. I suspect that you lack one or the other.

Onesimus said...

Personally I‘ll stick with scripture and I’ll forget about Augustine. I prefer to drink from the source and not from the contaminated teachings of the man responsible for the perverted teachings that let to Calvinism, Replacement theology and Amillennialism amongst many other false things.

IF any of his teachings have any validity at all (and the above do not), then they will be clear for all to see in scripture without the need to turn to a man who’s teaching has led to some of the most destructive heresies in church history. If you prefer to idolise that man and his teachings above the word of God that is your choice.

God has placed teachers within the body, but those teachers point to the truth of God’s word and do not infect the church with Godless drivel as Augustine’s teaching has.

Both John MacArthur and Barry Horner have written about the errors of Augustine’s teachings on the future of Israel. It is regretful that these two Calvinist teachers have not gone further and recognised the equal falsity of Augustine's teachings that later led to the doctrines of Calvinism.