Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scripture under attack again.

Yet again I’ve come across an argument intended to reduce the importance of the Bible in the believer’s life. Not surprisingly it came from someone whose faith is based upon a theological system instead of the revelation of God that we have been given through scripture.

The argument mentions the billions of Christians throughout history who didn’t have access to the Bible and uses their example as a reason why it’s not necessary for US to pay too much attention to scripture.

The fact is that we DO have access to the Bible and as such we have no excuse for ignoring it. The generations that didn't have access to the bible will not be held accountable for what they did not have.

It's amazing that those who DO have easy access to the WHOLE of scripture (and usually multiple copies) are the ones who create reasons for ignoring most of it.

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Daniel (Da Pilgrim) said...

True, so true.