Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is YOUR Relationship with Scripture?

An interesting article can be found here:

I Love the Bible

The writer starts with the following paragraph:

“For the third time in my life as a disciple of Jesus I have been accused of a serious sin: I love the Bible too much! Now before you go and start laughing, let me tell the stories of my three accusations.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across the same kind of thing. It seems like some “Christians” will make all kind of excuses to distance themselves from scripture.
I totally agree with the writer's rhetorical question: "How do we know we are meeting the real Jesus apart from knowing the Scriptures?"

On the other hand I have also come across those who in their zeal for the scriptures seem to overlook the fact that the scriptures are NOT an end in themselves. Scripture is a revelation of God, showing us who He is, what He is like and how He relates to mankind. Scripture also reveals God’s intentions and His purposes for his creation.
Unfortunately many use the scriptures for their own reasons – to support their own philosophies and theologies. I have found that the Bible is not primarily a doctrinal book (though all true doctrine has its foundation in scripture), instead it is an account of God’s relationship with mankind, demonstrated through real life stories and situations.

Some years ago I wrote an article “The Essential Scriptures our Defence Against Deception”
to answer some of the anti-scripture “wisdom”.


The Seeking Disciple said...

Thanks for the plug. I remember one godly man said to me once, "Don't allow your Bible to become a textbook about God but let it be a Book that draws you closer to God." I agree.

Paul G said...

Good advice, "Seeking Disciple"

Also; it is better to embrace the author of the Bible and not only His writing.

If we only embrace His writing, we have doctrines.
If only the author, we could be lead astray by deceitful spirits.

So then I agree with you Onesimus, we definitely need both, the Word and the Lord.