Friday, March 09, 2012

Sad time.

How should we feel when a ministry that has played an important role in our life takes a wrong turn?

I am going through that kind of experience now, seeing a ministry that has had significant influence in my life and the lives of many others I know rapidly going downhill. I see there are several inter-related reasons, including:

1) a casual approach to prophecy and prophetic gifts,

2) a lack of discernment (or lack of care) regarding the sources of ideas being shared.

3) a refusal to be accountable,

4) a refusal to admit error when clear evidence is given.

On one hand the ministry has built a following and a reputation through its exposure of dangerous trends seducing the church – on the other hand it recommends resources (such as articles, which individually may be good in themselves) from people involved with those dangerous trends, without warning about the fact that other resources from the same source should be viewed with caution.

Sadly the ministry in question has been going backwards for some time and without humble repentance will head in one of two directions. Either the Lord in His mercy will shut it down completely, or it will push forward regardless and the Lord will take His hand away all together, allowing it to sink further into error.

I have now removed links to that ministry from this blog sidebar.

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Kevin Jackson said...

I hope it wasn't David Pawson. I see you have links of his on the side still, so probably not.