Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012: the first months.

I’ve clearly done very little blogging in recent months. My four blogs on this account have been neglected for some time, partly due to access difficulties. But I’ve also been very quiet on my new wordpress blog. Most entries there have been short.

This year hasn’t had the best start. So far there’s been my father in law’s death, followed by my newly widowed mum-in-law being evacuated from approaching flood waters. In addition to those major events there were quite a few smaller scale difficulties that I would have liked to avoid.

But despite the clear negative aspects to all of these events, we not only survived them, we found ourselves encouraged and uplifted.

I know my wife would have been an emotional wreck if she had lost one of her parents several years ago, so something has clearly changed. She was able not only to cope with her own grief; she supported her mum through the funeral arrangements, the funeral itself and through her first two weeks without her husband.

She later wrote to several friends to tell her of her father’s death and detailed the reason for her strength. I hope to post part of that letter before too long sharing in her words the change that made the difference.

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