Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not Another Rant About Context???

Here I am AGAIN repeating what I have said before – but the problem will not go away.

The most frustrating Christian practices I continually see is the use of bible quotes out of context to support a favoured doctrine. Most times this is done the context CLEARLY gives no validity for using the quote in that particular way.

We’ve all done it.

And we are all prone to doing it – often with memory verses that come to mind when we want to support what we are saying.

Maybe its time for honest, for integrity. At least it is if we genuinely want to know and promote the truth.

Before applying a “text” for a chosen purpose make sure that it is REALLY supporting the point without the need to stretch or force meaning into the “text” that was never intended.

illustration credit "Open Bible by Petr Kratochvil


BILL HUNT said...

Don't we get so much more clarity in scripture when we approach it simply to study what it is saying? So much more power, than bringing preconceived webs of thought. Reading scripture becomes a great twin to our prayer life, humbly before God. What? Like little children on the way to eternity. He is the Holy Spirit of Truth who shows the power to the Way and the Life. We are not alone. He is the Divine Counselor! I am the student....

Onesimus said...

Yes Bill,
I found that many of those "difficult" parts of scripture weren't so difficult when I no longer needed to fit them into any preconceived ideas.

Now if I don't understand something I put it to one side and let the Holy Spirit bring understanding when I am ready for it.

Very often that understanding will come through another part of scripture - like finding the right piece of a jigsaw puzzle to make the picture clearer.