Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When His Glory is Revealed.

I have often been accused of having a man-centred gospel; a gospel through which I thought I could save myself – all because I insist that faith and repentance were required conditions of man’s salvation. Many of those accusations have appeared in the comments on this blog and were made by those who insisted that God alone chose those individuals who would be saved.
Those same people follow a tradition that tells us billions of people will be thrown in hell with no chance of salvation entirely because God has not chosen them for salvation.
Somehow this “predestination” for damnation is all for God’s glory.
I know God’s ways are not our ways – but a God who needs to burn billions of people for eternity in order to bring glory to himself is less worthy of glory than a school yard bully who beats up kids half his size and half his age.

I wrote the article “God’s Glorious Gospel” when I was trying to find words to describe the incredible nature of the salvation God has provided. I realised how incapable I was of understanding the glorious nature and means of salvation sufficiently to put it into words.
However, one day the whole extent of what God has done (and is doing) will be completely revealed to those He has saved.
How much glory will He receive when the fullness of salvation is made known?


Paul G said...

Yes Onesimus!
God alone chose those individuals to be saved.

Or perhaps you might think that those individuals have chosen themselves to be saved?

Would you trust in a God, who would like to save Tom, Dick and Harry and He could not do it?

How can you be sure that He will be able to save you?

After all, He lost Tom, Dick and Harry in hell.

Onesimus; It would be good for you to understand predestination, and then you might know the whole extent of what God has done and is doing.

Again, I would like to remind you that God did NOT provide salvation.
You have not learned that from the Lord, but from the Catholic Church (Universal Church).
The Lord Jesus is a mighty savior and NOT a provider.

Onesimus said...

No Paul,
God did not choose individuals for salvation. He alone chose to save mankind and His Son was given as a ransom for ALL of mankind.

The false gospel you have adopted, whether you like to admit it or not is peculiar to that heresy known as Calvinism.

My gospel has not been learned from the "Catholic Church (Universal Church)". My involvement with the organised church ended many years ago.
My gospel has been learned through knowing God via His word and by His Spirit; and not via man's theology.

The only "recent" encounters I've had with organised religion has been documented elsewhere on this blog. The most recent being with a church that believed the same Calvinist false "gospel" that you are promoting.

Yes, The Lord Jesus THE mighty saviour. He's not a pathetic being who needs to force people into following Him. He gave His life for ALL so that His mercy could be extended to ALL so that ALL who believe in Him (freely and not by irresistible force) will have eternal life.

Yes I WOULD trust in a God who desires to save Tom Dick and Harry, who would also allow them to miss out on salvation when they choose to reject His gospel.

And no He did not lose "Tom, Dick and Harry in hell". He gave them every opportunity to receive His salvation, but from pride or self-righteousness they remained in their rebellion and refused to turn to God and His mercy.

I can be sure that He will be able to save me because I continue to put my faith in Him and His word. I trust HIM and what HE said and not what man has said.

I do not put my faith in a smug assumption that I have been personally chosen for a salvation that I could never lose.

Onesimus said...

Paul G said:
"Onesimus; It would be good for you to understand predestination, and then you might know the whole extent of what God has done and is doing."

I have a very good understanding of "predestination" that comes from scripture and is consistent with the overall revelation of scripture. It is not based on isolated prooftexts, it is not based on a dead man's theology.

The lies and distortions of Calvinism have been given more than enough space on this blog.

I will no longer allow its God-maligning doctrines to be promoted here.

Onesimus said...

To repeat what I said in the last comment: the attempted promotion of God maligning doctrines will no longer be tolerated on this blog.

That includes the lies of "limited atonement" "unconditional election" and "irresistible grace".

I will also delete any repeated comments about faith being a "work".

Eternal life is given to those who believe (and continue to believe) in Jesus. Portrayals of such a scenario as "saving yourself" will also not be tolerated here.

This blog is not an open marketplace for the promotion of heresy. I would not allow Mormons or JWs to go on promoting their false beliefs - and neither will I allow Calvinist doctrines to be promoted.

Onesimus said...

Further to my previous comments:

There are only so many times that a person can go over the same old ground. The "arguments" being presented by followers of Calvinism become tedious in their repetition and in the blindness being displayed.

There comes a time to shake off the dust.