Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The man who convinced me to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES

David Pawson is one of the very few bible teachers I would personally recommend. I first became aware of his ministry in the early 1980s when he visited Australia to speak at conferences run by Vision Ministries.

I came across recordings of his conference sermons and enjoyed most of his teaching.

At the time I was getting involved with Word of Faith teaching through Kenneth Copeland’s TV broadcasts and I heard Pawson speak out against the excesses of “faith” and “prosperity” teaching. At the time I thought he was out of line, but I still liked a lot of what he had to say.

My involvement with WOF finally took its toll, as will involvement with any false teaching. It took many years (over 15) to start the recovery process, and even after so many years WOF teaching was clearly still having an effect on my understanding of God.

I am grateful to the Lord for bringing David Pawson’s teaching back into my life at that time. I am also grateful that I found it hard to accept. I resisted what he was preaching. It didn’t fit with the gospel that I’d accepted previously. I couldn’t recall Pawson preaching that way in the past…

But despite my resistance, I was coming across more and more people saying the same kind of things and I started to wonder whether I had ever understood the gospel in the past.
I went back to Pawson and what he was saying started to make more sense. Most importantly he made a big issue about people NOT accepting what he was preaching. He consistently told his hearers to go to the scriptures to test everything he said. How different is this to the “touch not the Lord’s anointed” threats wielded by those who don’t want their teaching held up to the truth of scripture?

Through David Pawson’s encouragement and example I have learned of the need to search scriptures for myself and to always accept its clearest and simplest meaning unless the context indicates otherwise.

Here are links to two David Pawson sermons.

Romans 11

Jesus The Baptiser

Or if they fail, try following this link

and scroll down almost to the bottom of the page until you find:

Romans 11
David Pawson May 31 pm (88 min 49 sec)

Jesus The Baptiser
David Pawson May 31 am (77 min 49 sec)


Daniel (Da Pilgrim) said...

Great guy.
Someone who searches for truth and has straight forward common sense. He has meant a lot to me too Onesimus :)

Onesimus said...

I had heard Mr Pawson preach on these topics before but have only just had the opportunity to listen to these particular recordings.

There are some interesting sound effects during the Romans 11 talk, with some very loud gulls adding their comments in a couple of places.

I can only hope that people who have never heard this man preach will take the opportunity to listen to him here. These two sermons are particularly insightful.

One more point of personal interest, they were recorded at the Apostolic Church on the Isle of Skye. The very first fellowship I attended after becoming a Christian was part of the Apostolic Church of Australia.

The Apostolic Church is a group with its roots in the Welsh Revival. Individual Apostolic Church fellowships now seem to prefer more generic labels to identify themselves. The affiliation to their particular denomination isn't always made clear.