Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Time to STOP!!!

It is time to stop playing “prophetic” pass-the parcel and exchanging “prophecies” like trading cards and to start giving the prophetic word the seriousness it requires.

We can't continue to take such a casual attitude to prophecy, indiscriminately promoting and passing on everything we come across that is claimed to be a word from the Lord.

As scripture says don’t despise prophecy but test all things. Unfortunately the lack of testing has led to TRUE prophecy being despised.


Anonymous said...


If we all could just believe & understand the prophecies that are in the Bible, then we will be in good shape.
That's enough to keep us busy.
Read His word, learn His word, trust His word, it's that simple.

Beautiful Painting! Have you ever considered writting the scriptures in Hebrew along side the English? Just a thought:).

Onesimus said...

Scripture shows that prophecy continues to be valid today, but so little that is passed around as prophecy today is consistent with scripture.

Ignorance of scripture leads many people to accept clearly false prophecy as being true.

As you say, read His word, learn His word, trust His word - then we will be more equipped to recognise the things that contradict his word. We will be better safeguarded against the false and more likely to recognise the truth.

Onesimus said...

Also, thanks for the encouraging comment about my painting.

Any use I could make of Hebrew would be minimal. Not knowing the language I would merely be copying from a text.

I also have enough difficulty painting words in English - it's not as easy as it ought to be - so painting a different language with a different alphabet which is read a different direction...

At some stage I will use some Hebrew lettering, such the name of Jesus (Yeshua) but I can't see myself attempting anything more complex than that.