Friday, September 30, 2011

Christchurch "Prophecy" the aftermath.

The deadline for the predicted Christchurch disaster has passed without the promised destruction.

Reports from Christchurch reveal that many stayed away from work and left the city for the day. Many school students didn’t attend class. Many were in fear of what could happen on the day.
Remember, this is a city that suffered terrible destruction and loss of life at the beginning of the year; where constant aftershocks are a reminder of what happened. Most citizens suffered personal loss or at least know someone close who did.

What has happened since the failure of the “prophesied” destruction on the 28th?

1) Some have taken the predicted route and claim credit for their intercession averting the disaster.
2) Others continue as if the failure presents no real problem and they stick with their view that Christchurch is due for another disastrous “shaking”, that only the timing was wrong
3) Some (praise God) have confessed to their error and are seeking God, genuinely repentant for their involvement.

One factor that clearly helped the Christchurch prediction to be circulated as “prophecy” was the preconceived idea that God intended to judge Christchurch, or at least the “disobedient church” in Christchurch.
Were these expectations being voiced PRIOR to the two major quakes, the second of which led to massive loss of life? Or were these “prophetic” voices informed BY the two quakes – Prophetic “insight” AFTER the fact? Is this why so many latched onto the false 28 September prediction? They saw it as a validation of their own alleged prophetic insight?

I know of some who publicised the 28th prediction but expressed doubts about the dating; accepting the rest of the "word" because of a conviction that God WILL “shake Christchurch” again – not as a judgement on the city but as a judgement on the church!

Is that the way God acts? To cause death and massive destruction among unbelievers to punish disobedient believers?

Do we kick the dog to punish the cat that has torn the curtains? Maybe we do – but would a God of justice do that?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Onesimus
I'm also taking a break fromJTB.
I agree the prophetic needs do some serious soul searching... if it was a contest to see which was doing the most damage at present, I would have to still give the race to the false Apostles by a head, with false teachers just pipping the false prophets at the line.
Very sad when these are the ministries that are meant to build the body.
Loved the last painting to, the four together work really well, getting better all the time, Gary

UnprofitableServant said...

Not that it's any of my business or whatnot.

But if this is Andrews site, it doesn't surprise me.

He is more dangerous than guys like Todd Bentley because he has supposedly "come out" of the blatantly false prophet movement.

I'd rather read conspiracy sites all day than get tortured by people saying "Thus says the Lord" when He has not spoken...

Onesimus said...

False prophets or false conspiracies?

I prefer to avoid both - I don't give preference to one above the other.