Wednesday, November 10, 2010


At work we have an Occupational Health and Safety noticeboard where information about workplace safety can be posted. Occasionally there will be photos of actual cases of incredible carelessness (even stupidity) that put people’s lives at risk.

An example would be someone standing on a ladder balanced on a chair that they have placed on a table – all in the attempt to reach a height beyond the capability of the ladder.

This thoughtless approach and attitude brings to mind the way some people approach their relationship with Jesus.

The ladder in the above example lacks stability. It is not placed on the required foundation, and it is a danger to anyone who climbs it.

There are foundations to the Christian life. They are specifically mentioned together in Hebrews 6 and separately elsewhere. They provide the basics of Christian faith, a secure anchor point. Yet how often do arguments arise about their necessity?

Some people seem intent on seeing how few of the foundational things they need? Is baptism really necessary? What about repentance? Surely it’s enough to merely believe?

These people make me think of the man on that ladder: seeing how little contact he can have with a solid foundation without falling. Some even try to test things further, rocking the ladder to one side until it is balancing on one leg only.


Anonymous said...

Great post! The Words says that even the demons believe and shudder. Belief is just the starting point. We are to work out our salvation everyday. Baptism, repentence, etc. are part of that working out. If we only believe and do nothing with that belief, it is of no benefit to us. Our faith is meant to change us to look like Jesus. It is a life long process that we must embrace every day. We love Him because He first oved us but we love Him with obedience. James said faith without works is dead. Our faith is meant to motivate us from the inside to demonstrate Christs love to others. We should look more like Jesus today than we did yesterday. If we are not constantly in the process of "salvation" we are moving away from God.

Tonjia said...

I like to think that the secure foundations were put forth by Jesus Christ himself, during his ministry on earth, and that every other word should be measured by his words to see if it is sure and true.