Thursday, August 26, 2010

Responsibility With Teaching

For some time now I have been trying to encourage people not to rely so much on man’s teaching. I have stated that all disagreement and division within the church is caused through adopting the teaching of one man above the teaching of another. The only division caused by the truth comes through the exposing of error: the dividing of darkness from light.

There is an urgent need for Christians to accept responsibility. We have the scriptures and we have the promise of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would be our teacher. God has provided everything we need to guide us and to keep us in the truth. We need to trust His Spirit to teach us His word instead of putting our primary (and often only) trust in man’s teachings.

When I’ve written about this before a common response has been to point out that teachers are included in the ministry gifts mentioned in Ephesians (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.*)

There clearly is a God given place for GENUINE teachers.
Genuine teachers not only lead us to understanding in areas where we are lacking, they also train us to search the scriptures for ourselves, thereby decreasing our reliance upon their ministry.

Any teacher who promotes ideas contrary to scripture is not a God given teacher.

Any teacher who makes him or herself above question is not a God given teacher.

Any teacher who makes sure students remain reliant upon him/her is not a God given teacher.

Too often laziness encourages us to rely on teachers more than we should, to the extent that we don’t keep THEM accountable for what they teach. By holding them accountable, not only are we guarding our selves – we are showing true love to the teacher, helping THEM stay on the right path with their doctrine and teaching.
*Ironically, many who readily cling to teachers are equally ready to dismiss any present day reality of the first two ministries in that list


Anonymous said...


There is a true need for genuine teachers. I think the problem is that most everyone believes they are the true teachers (I am including myself in this).

The venue of blogging is awesome that it allows people to reach others that they might never reach, but it also allows people with dangerous or false ideas to release poison or confusion. The tares always grow up with the wheat.

We truly need the Holy Spirit. And now more than ever. With all the possible ways to be taught with modern technology, we MUST rely on the Spirit to lead us into truth or we are in danger of being deceived. We need each other too though. The Holy Spirit often speaks through those we are accountable to, so we are supposed to make sure we all stay on the narrow path.

Great Post!

Ephesians Revealed said...

Hi Onesimus,

I really enjoy your blog and your comments on other blogs. I've become a follower of your blog. Feel free to become a follower of mine if you wish.


David C Brown said...

We are responsible for the teaching that we receive. Only one Teacher is perfect, and only one book inerrant.

Onesimus said...

Thanks for your encouragement Michael. I’ve now registered as a follower of your blog.

Very true Godthinker and David.
No one thinks of themselves as being a false teacher. That is why we all need to make ourselves accountable to others and not fall back on the old “touch not the Lord’s anointed” defence used by so many blatantly false teachers.

NO ONE should be unquestioning about the teaching they are given. Blind acceptance of teaching does no one any good. Not only are the hearers likely to be led astray, but it helps keep the teacher in their error.

People disagreeing what I say or write helps to keep me accountable and encourages me to make sure of the soundness of my position and sometimes helps to correct my understanding. I am MORE than happy to consider correction when it has a demonstrated biblical foundation. Unfortunately many people insist on arguing from their church tradition.