Friday, July 30, 2010

Israel, is to Blame!!!

I’m reading a history of the 1967 Six day war, during which Israel regained control of Jerusalem. I’m only a short way into the book but I’ve learned enough to see how little things have changed over the last 43 years regarding anti-Israel propaganda.

The media today (and also many in the "church") have clearly taken a leaf out of the Soviet book:

…the hypocrisy of the rulers of the USSR, who permit themselves to mock at human intelligence when they put the blame on Israel. Every child in the street knows that the [1967] crisis is due to Nasser [President of Egypt] and he himself admits it. Yet [the soviet representative] at the UN, and his masters in the Kremlin, denounce the “aggression” of Israel. Nasser mobilises military forces and sends them to Sinai. Nasser entrusts the frontier to Shukeiry’s gangs . Nasser closes the Straits of Tiran. And Moscow yells that Israel is to blame…

From Mission Survival ed. R Bondy, O Zmora & R Bashan.


Dan Benzvi said...

I remember watching TV from the UN where the representative of Saudi-Arabia was besides himself yelling at the US ambassador: "Leave us alone, we do not need your miniskirts and hot-dogs..."

It sounds a lot funnier in an Arabian accent.

Onesimus said...

I have to try not to imagine this - it's too hard to work while I'm laughing so much.

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Well, someone always has to pass the buck. Bless you.

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand said...

The problem that I see is this. In today's society too many "Christians" are relying on what "man" has to say about God's Word instead of relying upon the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit). I know folks who have claimed to be Christians for years, yet they hardly open up the Holy Bible and meditate on God's Word.

It is a world of watching TV evangelists mocking God's Word to millions. It is a world of believing in many ways to heaven, as long as you are faithful to "your god". It is a world of the "Warm and Fuzzy" sermons that make you always feel good and never tells you about "Hell" and "Sinful" behaviors because that might "offend" someone or cause them to leave the church.

It grieves my heart so to see so many lost souls out there that are falling for these false preachers and teachers who continue to pollute the airwaves and cyberspace with their false doctrines and teachings. When it comes to such an important issue like "Eternal Life" the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be told.

You are so "Right On" when you say that there are so many believers out there clinging to the tradition of man instead of clinging to the Holy Words of our Almighty God. We are creatures of habit and unfortunately there are some clinging to a false hope that is based on tradition instead of the Solid Rock that only an intimate relationship with Jesus can bring. Let us listen to the Spirit of God that indwells us for the TRUTH and it will truly set us free.

Thank you for such a well written and thought provoking post. God's blessing too you. Lloyd

Onesimus said...

G'Day Lloyd,
Unfortunately false doctrine and men's traditions are not the exclusive domain of the tele evangelists and the extreme charismanics.

False teaching is rife within the traditional theologies too. Whatever our personal tastes we can be sure there will be false teaching presented in a way to suit those tastes.

So few people are GENUINELY interested in what scripture REALLY says. Most are satisfied in accepting what others tell us that scripture says.