Friday, May 07, 2010

Sin, Judgement and National Idolatry

Today, on another blog I came across an article with the title “Why do So Many Bad Things Keep Happening to the U.S?” Comments on the blog then go into the reasons why this is the case – mostly suggesting it is due to America’s disobedience to God.

I wasn’t sure of how to respond to the question in a polite way. Is the writer ignorant of the rest of the world? When did a single “bad thing” in America result in the loss of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousand of lives as has often happened elsewhere?

Compared with many areas of the world America has barely suffered in any way. Nothing worse is happening in America than anywhere else.if anything America is getting off lightly compared to most of the world.

One of the common mistakes made when people raise issues like this it that they confuse America with Israel and apply what God said to Israel to the USA. America is not God’s chosen nation and the blessings/cursings applicable to Israel were NOT directed towards America.To see God’s word to America, or any other nation, we need search the scriptures for God’s word to the nations.

When scripture mentions “the nations” then America is included as ONE of those nations.
If people are concerned about America’s sinfulness before God, I suggest that one of the worst sins of the American people is NATIONAL IDOLATRY.


SLW said...

Good point, one I take to heart as a patriotic American.

Onesimus said...

Some may take my comments as an attack on "patriotism" - but ironically the idolatry I refer to often manifests in a different way.
So often this idolatry comes in the form seeing your nation as worse than others - that it excels in sinfulness and therefore deserves (and is receiving)greater judgement from God - as per the article I've mentioned.
When you consider that much of the world doesn't have clean drinking water or even basic food requirements, what kind of pathetic outlook sees America as suffering "so many bad things..."

Be grateful and thank God for His mercy. Thank Him now for the fact that most Americans DO currently have adequate food and clean water to sustain them.