Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GOD'S REVELATION: in case someone missed it previously.

God has given us a revelation of Himself throughout the WHOLE of scripture. It is a revelation given NOT in the form of a systematic theology, but through life situations and through examples of personal interaction between God and mankind.

Any interpretation of parts of scripture that contradict the revelation of God given throughout the whole of scripture is a wrong interpretation. False interpretations are guaranteed when we start with individual texts. When we take those false interpretations and project them onto the rest of scripture we can not fail to produce a false view of God and His purposes.

That is the inevitable result of the traditions and theologies of man: teachings that focus on texts rather than on God’s character. It is far easier to intellectually debate the meanings of individual verses of scripture than it is to receive and share the revelation God has given of Himself.
The first we can pick up from books and teachers. The latter comes through relationship with God through His Son, by His Spirit aided by the scriptures He inspired.

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