Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duelling Quizzes.

In the comments section of one of my articles, a Calvinist commentator provided a (now deleted) quiz intended to demonstrate the “truth” of the Calvinist approach to scripture.
The following link provides an answer to that quiz, demonstrating how vastly different theological viewpoints can be supported by the selective use of scripture.


As a personal comment, I have to say that THIS quiz has much more value than the Calvinist equivalent. At least I can recognise the God that is being promoted – I can’t say the same for the god being promoted by the Calvinist mob. That god is an imposter.

While I have deleted the Calvinist quiz from this blog, it may be accessed via the "Wesleyan Arminian" blog at the link provided above.


Kevin Jackson said...

Thanks for the plug!

Onesimus said...

After someone posted that Calvinist quiz as a comment on one of my threads I was very pleased to see your quiz.